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How to hack slot machines. Bugs and firmware.

universal key (for locks slots)

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You are interested in bugs slot machines? You have got the right place!
If you conduct a survey among the players, then the question of what slot machines mean for they - the answers are split. Some will say that the game - it's a great opportunity to get a great shot of adrenaline and to satisfy a passion for adventure and excitement. More pragmatic answer that this is a unique chance to earn money.How to hack slot machines
And so, what is bugs? Errors slot machines are virtually nonexistent. But they can create artificially. Bug (virus-code in the firmware to the game), will win the slot machine when you want to. The introduction of the virus code in the program video slot can be made in several ways. The first way - is to change the original chip board on bug-chip, the second option - to reprogram the "native" chip device-programmer. Whatever the choice, you will need access to the electronic board.
Put a bug on a slot machine coupled with the need to hacking it. Bookmark in firmware games, sometimes they call error - can change the course of the game after activation with certain keystrokes, or after the application of the established style of play, which will include a generous mode.
A slot machine is a mini-PC - with electronic board consisting of different chips and modules. Each element performs a specific task. You can create the ideal conditions for regular big wins, replacing one of these modules in a similar, but with a bug-firmware. To install the chip with a bug you need access to the gaming board. You can accomplish this by opening it universal key. Buy a tool, we can, after agreeing a payment method and place of delivery.

How to win a slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic): bugs flash-module

How to win a slot machine Gaminator: bugs simm flash module

How to win at slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic)? It's simple! It is enough to replace the original unit simm flash-module. It must be done on board the game machine. After replacement, you can always win, other players will play in the slot normally. The principle of operation is based on doubling the bug cards, so you will always know what cards will turn or bug generates bonus games or winning line with symbols large value.
Available firmware bug in the following versions: 5.4-x 5.5-x 5.6-x 5.7-x 5.8-x, for all kinds of multigame platform CoolFire - Hot Spot, Cobra, Megakatok, Games4You, Hot Spot Platinum. To buy bug-module Gaminator, you should identify a slot machine version. Version is visible when loading the game, after the machine or in the main menu: Diagnostic - Program Versions - Line Machine.
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Bug-firmware for machines Mega Jack

Mega Jack (slot from Casino Tehnology) - most popular slot machines, seeking to beat a lot of players, so to break it a little harder than others, but very real. For this, you need to replace chips M27C322, either reprogram chip DALLAS on firmware with bug, which can buy from us. This methods is suitable for Mega Jack versions 25.01, 30.25, 30.50, and others. How to know what type of software to your game machine, refer to the relevant section of the menu - Version. We can offer you not one, but several options bug: after activating the fall line with a big win, a lot of big characters, the bug on a bonus or other option, when, after activation you can easily double the amount of your gain, and you will always be aware of where the lucky card.
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Hacking slots Mega Jack

Universal key. Hacking slot machines without a trace.

Universal key for slot machines

All of the above methods of hacking software slot machine will require you to direct entry to the inner electronic device to install a flash-module or bugs chip. The universal key to open the lock of slot machines can be ordered from us and you can open almost all the so-called round locks. This locks are used in the design of payment terminals, slot machines and more. With key, you can easily get to the e-filling machine, where you can manage various menu functions, packing credit, and so on. Detail can be found on the page universal key

Remember that when you change the chip in the machine, its power must be turned off, and before installing it to make sure that the firmware version of the original and the same. Follow the diagram to install,that you can get at the order.

If you already have a device-programmer to chips, modules slot machines, you also can be ordered binary files (*. Bin, *. Rom), for self firmware your game machines. We implement device for programming popular slot machines. For those who have the skills in programming and editing, we offer to buy our software to insert a bug in firmware. The programs has a simple and intuitive interface, easy operation, which will help quickly create firmware bugs. The program also allows you to create the most comfortable for you activation code bug. Other useful tools, plugins and other software for statistical data editing game machine, identify the bug, and so on, ask for contact information.

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hack slot machines Gaminator


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