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Bugs in the firmware gaming machine Mega Jack

On this website I will try to tell about bugs in the firmware slot machines Mega Jack, and how win they .
For a start, a little bit about what kind of the math program. According to the developers (Casino Technology - manufacturers of the software) is implemented in a program called a Bugs in the firmware gaming machine Mega Jackstatistical algorithm. It is understood that each of the combinations following is not a result of the behavior of the game in the previous period. Percentage who remains the owner, achieved through the planned rate of loss of any character (character combinations). For example, the mechanical Roulette - the casino profits through the loss of the ball on the ZERO (in the classics - the player is not able to put on this the field). Mega Jack useless reset (initialization) even if he lost a lot of money. He will act independently of meter readings and the last payment. Just does not make sense "play softly" slot machine Mega Jack before installing on the object ("that would not be betrayed").
In most programs, released before the year 2000, used accumulative system. The prize fund (the maximum amount that the program may issue at the moment) is stored as a certain percentage of the money lost by players. This scheme is more predictable, but less interesting for the player to normal (ie not the one who knew the amount of the lost device gets his win). Thus, the gaming machine Mega Jack - more unpredictable program that can go into the "minus", and these situations are less conspicuous than in the case of accumulative systems.
Now, how to introduce a bugs or bug-firmware in slot machines Mega Jack. List of the main types of the bugs is shown below (variants of wins).

The real way to win in the machine Mega Jack

Chip DS5000T (commonly referred to as «DALLAS»). This is one of the most tamper-resistant commercially available processors. His program data not available for reading area. In the reach of just part of the program is stored, which is responsible for issuing the layout of characters on the screen in (slot) games. This refers to the following: on a specific command (for simplicity - press START) issued a set, presented on the screen in the form of fifteen characters. In Dallas and stored INCASO EEPROM STATISTIC. In the DALLAS chip card information is transmitted on the IN, OUT, BET, WIN, and some other parameters, both current and absolute values.
Everything else (including mathematics for doublings, bonuses, poker games) is in the chips U1, U2, and they are not protected from reading.
Currently there are two known ways to win in the Mega Jack. Games: AZTEC GOLD, SLOT-O-POL DELUXE, CHAMPAGNE, SLOT-O-POL and other.

The first way hack - the substitution of the ROM: U1, U2. Instead, staff set their own chip (with the program "patch" or a bug). How it works - on the set of a password from the keyboard the machine is won or some combination, or drops a bonus, or perhaps doubling does not make mistakes. In fact, at this moment we are not dealing with Mega Jack, but with a completely different algorithm (so that the developers have laid the bug). Out of this regime is realized, for example, removing the credit, set another password, and so on - depending on the flights of imagination of the developer. Typically, for each chips has its own password, so knowledge one of a password does not guarantee knowledge of all. The two most common variants of the "work" for the substitution of chips with firmware bugs. The first is the ROM (chips) are established in the board, are in it for a while, then comes the "player" and introduces code activation bug and won him the necessary amount. These "visits" may be repeated several times, and between the win this slot behaves like a normal Mega Jack. The second way: at some point made a substitution bug-chips, won the required amount and return original chip. In order to replace the ROM chip with a bug, you need to power off the machine. Insertion in program ROM of a bug is performed by the device-programmer.

The second method hack is to install in the gaming machine Mega Jack - chip Dallas with a bug. This is the most dangerous way for the owners. The method of obtaining a prize is almost the same (set a password, etc.). There are dramatic differences in the way it is implementing the "Bookmarks". Most importantly, it is impossible to determine whether there was a bug in DALLAS. At this moment I will focus in more detail. As already mentioned, DALLAS - One of the most tamper-resistant crypto-processor. It is understood that spelled out in a closed area of ??information can not be read by an ordinary device-programmer, even if it supports this type of chip. It turns out that you can not assume (as in the case of the ROM) and compare with the original content of this chip. In this case it is impossible to determine when it was done "tab" and by whom. Hence, the high cost of the program to insert a bug in dallas slot machine Mega Jack (version 30.25, 30.50 and other) and for its device for programming.
It should be noted that in all versions of Mega Jack previous to v.30.25, there are "holes, bug" - such as the version 20.25 has a bug with shutting down. That is to win against such a gaming machine may not need be getting access into the compartment and . While something similar can be present in 30.25 and up, such rumors are always there.
Contacts: , tel. +79225916814 (Russia), ICQ 605386313

Bugs in the firmware gaming machine Mega Jack way to win in Mega Jack

Options bug for firmware in Mega Jack

Option 1

This type of bug works only in mainboard without board security (TAPA).
Win gives out after a few spins after the activation code :
A code - doubling (some cards)
Code 2 - Bonus (Brilliant Pyramid) AZTEC GOLD
Code 3 - characters head (1/4 Jackpot) AZTEC GOLD
Code 4 - 5 pcs "E" (2 rows) game CHAMPAGNE
Code 5 - 4 pcs "E" (2 rows of 4 "E") game CHAMPAGNE

Option 2

The first code - 5 pcs "E" (game CHAMPAGNE)
The second code - 5 pcs "Dragons" (in AZTEC GOLD)

Option 3

Issuance of the five characters "DOLLAR" in the games "SLOT-O-POL", "SLOT-O-POL DELUXE", "
CHAMPAGNE ( 15 free games)
or the issuance of five "DRAKON" on game AZTEC GOLD

Option 4

When replacing the chip gives on the three "Scatters" (requires constant replacement of chips)
in this order:
Instead of X falls not under the control characters. Including Bucks can give (S).
In games slots: Slot-o-pol, Champagne party, Slot-o-pol delux drop $ sign,
sometimes flies with a combination of two $ on a single drum.
The game Aztec Gold falls characters "Phoenix."

Option 5

Bug on a doubling in the risk game - all buttons are win Player

Option 6

Bug of the double - doubles only certain button

Option 7

After dialing an activation code after a few spins gives
or five characters "Bird" (AZTEC GOLD), or five "E" in SLOT-O-POL

Good luck in gambling!

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