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Cheating games Gaminator

Secrets software Gaminator Admiral Novomatic, hacking and cheating slot machines, firmware chip with bug, ROM-module Gaminator, program and instructions - that's what will be discussed on this page. Secrets of slot machines Novomatic or Gaminator - is the ability to win with constant regularity. If any strategy a chance to win 50% to 50%, then it is rather the system is well balanced game. Real "holes" Novomatic now effectively dead. They were, but they have been fixed in the new version. The only way to cheat slot machines - to create an artificial bug. Therefore rely on hacking without access at least silly. All other parables - click here, play so, a strong impact on the button to get your bonus - are nothing more than stories mister Loser, who was himself in debt from gambling and come up with how to find the cash for the further fatalism.
Real hacking lies in the installation of the virus in the firmware of the game. This binary code hackers called - Bug. Changing the software leads to a bug in the firmware that instructs the slot machine designed for permanent gains. Bug-firmware - is a program specially rec