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Cheating games Gaminator

Secrets software Gaminator Admiral Novomatic, hacking and cheating slot machines, firmware chip with bug, ROM-module Gaminator, program and instructions - that's what will be discussed on this page. Secrets of slot machines Novomatic or Gaminator - is the ability to win with constant regularity. If any strategy a chance to win 50% to 50%, then it is rather the system is well balanced game. Real "holes" Novomatic now effectively dead. They were, but they have been fixed in the new version. The only way to cheat slot machines - to create an artificial bug. Therefore rely on hacking without access at least silly. All other parables - click here, play so, a strong impact on the button to get your bonus - are nothing more than stories mister Loser, who was himself in debt from gambling and come up with how to find the cash for the further fatalism.
Real hacking lies in the installation of the virus in the firmware of the game. This binary code hackers called - Bug. Changing the software leads to a bug in the firmware that instructs the slot machine designed for permanent gains. Bug-firmware - is a program specially recorded into the chip (ROM-module). After installation in the video slot, the virus code allows an gamer to win one hundred percent on the machine Gaminator at any time.

Gain can be obtained in the double game credits, or a bug on free game (bonus) or lines with the major characters, as there may be other options

How to hack absolutely slot Gaminator and leave no trace

Bug program hacking the firmware program is specifically implemented in the chip module and installed in the gaming machine program gives the virus an attacker to win at any suitable time. This program (or bug-firmware) is written to the flash unit or flash sym chip. To hack a slot machine need to replace only one module is already pre-cooked with embedded virus code to install the module in the gaming machines Gaminator Novomatic and slots Admiral. Prerequisite is access to the electronic gaming machine processor board where the modules are installed with the program if you do not have access means this hacking will be difficult or not possible, try to agree with the protection of the technician and other personnel who have access now, everyone wants to make money and maybe you're lucky.

There are several ways of hacking (cheating) slot machines Gaminator. Here are the most popular types of bug:
The first option bug - is firmware that allows to win on the slot machines Gaminator on risk-game (doubling) - in guessing the map colors black or red. When triggered a virus-code, program begins to play from a known algorithm for the hacker, he knows in advance what color card will be the next.
There are two ways of win on doubling: with the schedule cards and activation code.
The schedule contains 4096 characters and bug-program consistently puts them in the program game. The player can track the sequence of cards in the electronic file.
When activated, the bug starts. At the time of the virus, the machine starts to play up to the player and to produce only valid card, regardless of the player's choice - doubling will be successful. The active work of the bug limited to the number of correctly predicted cards. The virus will is deactivated. Re-activate the bug can be an unlimited number of times.
The second type of bug - firmware on the bonus or the lines with symbols of high value. The inclusion of a bug - is activation. After starting the virus in program - slot machine gives free games (bonus). During the bonus slot can add a few more free games. The price of a binary file or module with the bug depends on the type and version of the game machine.

To order a unit to break into the gaming machine Novomatic or Gaminator, you need to know the number mix and version of the slot machine. This is achieved in the following ways:
The first way is:
1. turn the key operator
item MACHINE - contains the number and firmware version
The second way is:
if you turn the unit OFF and then ON, in the boot menu, it will write the bottom line:
GAMINATOR G. .. WR ... - The number and version of the machine (example Gaminator10 version 5.6-5)

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How to win a slot machine Gaminator or Novomatic

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Cheating games Gaminator


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